Welcome to REALITY RACING, the fascinating virtual horseracing game.

As an "owner" (a player in the game), you will take control of a yard that you will be able to fill with any number of computer-generated racehorses and breeding stock. You will get to say where and when your horses will race, and you can even start a breeding programme to create your very own homebred star. Your task is to determine each of your horses’ preferred race conditions, in order to win REAL prize money.

It is a game of skill; the horses never get ill, and they always perform to the best of their ability. The form is totally reliable, and all solutions follow a logical path. The only thing between you and victory is working out the preferred distance, going, racecourse, jockey, riding instruction, and blinkers requirements for every horse in your stable.

As well as the thrill of owning, racing, and breeding horses, the game also gives you the chance to get involved in exciting weekly auctions where owners bid on racing and breeding stock. You can play and enjoy every aspect of the game with just a single horse, or you can become a champion owner with a string of hundreds – the choice is yours.

Although the game can be accessed and played via our internet website you can also play using a touchtone telephone (not premium rate).

If you would like to try this game for FREE, simply click the link below and complete the forms. We will open a game account for you, and put a FREE £10 credit into the account for use only in the game. We will even loan you a racehorse so you can get started racing straight away. There is no obligation to play for any length of time, and any money you win will be yours to withdraw or to use within the game.

Take this opportunity today, to let us show you this really is one of the best horseracing games ever produced.

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